Good Design Brief = Great Results

Why is a brief important? When starting a new project, be it a logo, brandingmarketing or even a web site, a good brief will save you time in the long run and give you a great start.

Whilst trying to find something to do on Sunday night and trying to avoid becoming like the rest of the nation and turning into a Reality TV zombie and tuning into rubbish like the X Factor and I'm a "celebrity" get me out of here, I came across a tweet from @bpfootball saying: "Any graphic designers who follow us around to do a tiny bit of Photoshop on one of our logos?"   So with my curiosity engaged I retweeted them to find out what exactly was needed.

Hold the Back Page Itunes Podcast logo

Hold the Back Page Itunes Podcast logo

Hold the Back Page Itunes Podcast logo

It turned out the project would be  to create a logo / icon for their weekly podcast that would be displayed on Itunes and the Apple Store, this was something that I'd never been done before so I decided to kill and hour of my time and give it a go.  The original plan was to modify an image supplied by Kev, who'd done his best in MS Paint.  In the end it turned out a complete redraw was the most efficient option rather than trying to carve up Kev's attempts.

Kev was fantastically easy to work with, he knew exactly what he wanted to come from the icon and had a look in his head for the final project, even though the brief for this project was the shortest I've ever had, consisting of 3 Twitter Direct Messages, the fact that Kev had a clear image he wanted to portray made this project quick and easy to work on, admittedly it was not the most challenging but I've had less challenging work take much much longer.  In total from initial contact to completion this project took 55 minutes, very rapid turn around in deed.

A simple concept of a football with headphones on was to be the focal point alongside text advertising the name of the podcast and and link back to the website.  The only variation we had was on different backgrounds with Kev taking the 3 back to his fellow site members to make a decision, in the end option 3 was chosen by the guys and is already sitting on the Itunes store (see below).  This project was a joy to work on from start to finish, its always fun to help people with personal projects and blogs, I know from experience how hard it is to first of all set them up and then continue to develop fresh concept and I'm sure the Backpage Football team will continue their good work and hopefully the logo will remain alongside the podcast as it continues to grow.

So in conclusion, from what turned out to be a cure for boredom resulted in me learning a very valuable lesson I will now take forward and things to consider before any future project:

  • The Brief is King
  • A good brief makes the project much more manageable - It doesn't have to be pages long a few sentences can do the trick
  • Clear and concise ideas - ask questions if you have doubts or queries
  • A client who understands their brand
  • Communication and feedback - get a good flow with the client
    and last but not least
  • Don't be afraid to say no, if your client is being unclear, vague and unhelpful you can turn the job down.


Thankfully every aspect of the first five bullets was present in this project meaning I could ignore the last one.  So remember the brief is the most important part of any project you are undertaking, take your time to create it and avoid wasting time later on in the project.

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You can visit the Back Page Football website by pressing this link,  or download the Hold The Backpage podcast by pressing here.



Hold the back page Itunes icon screenshot

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