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5 Top Tools for Teams Using Social Media

With the continued rise of social media use by customers and consumers and more emerging platforms its vital brands have an active presence. However the task of updating, monitoring and reporting on the ever increasing interactions can be too much for one person, so many brands and companies are now employing teams to manage their presence.  So what tools can make life easier for the team members and ensure you are maximising your social presence.


Tweetdeck – Owned by Twitter and one of the most popular Twitter dashboards, the “Teams” feature has only recently been introduced.  The new feature allows users access to a brands Twitter profile without even needing to know the password, as a manager you can invite members to contribute and assign roles, Admins or Contributors.

Contributors are allowed to act as the account, tweeting and retweeting, schedule content and build collections, ideal if you want them to be a part of the social team, creating content and engaging with users but not wanting to share account details. The only advantage to being an Admin is having the ability to invite other users to contribute.


Hootsuite – The downside to Tweetdeck is that it only allows you to manage Twitter, however most brands will need a tool to manage a variety of social platforms, and this is where Hootsuite comes in.  Hootsuite allows you to manage, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube and more. 

Once again you are able to set roles but also manage you users by department or project assign individual tasks and messages to specific users. This will allow you to easily manage who is creating content, responding to messages and ensure that members aren’t wasting time on messages that don’t relate to them, ideal when using social as a customer support tool, you can even see who on your team has responded to messages. 

A great feature is the ability to approve content before it appears, especially if you have numerous contributors it will allow you to double check posts and ensure they are correct and on brand.


Buffer – When you are running a social profile the main thing you want to be doing is creating engaging content and posting at the right time, this is where Buffer comes in. The app will allow your team members to add content to a pre-set schedule so even when no one is in the office you can still publish content.

One of the advantages of Buffers business package is its integration with Google Analytics so you can clearly see what content is driving visitors to your site. It also offers great stats on the content you post and how it’s interacted with across numerous platforms and how it relates to your follower growth so companies can find out what drove the spike in followers or a loss in followers and adapt the strategy accordingly.

As well as a great tool Buffer is an intriguing and innovative company and have one of the best marketing blogs out there which is well worth a read,

Sprout Social – This is the most advanced of the tools on the list and has a wealth of features, if you plan on using Social as a customer support tool then you should check out Sprout. It has a purpose built feature that allows you to turn messages into support tickets.

Sprout has a unique inbox that shows messages from all platforms in one stream that can then be assigned to team members to be dealt with, team members can then see a list of previous interactions allowing them to respond quickly and personally.

If you have numerous members of the team contributing Sprout also offers a very good content calendar that allows members to see what everyone else is posting and when, team members can then view and review posts and change the schedule.

Mention – Mention is a great tool for monitoring your brand and keywords across social networks, news sites, forums, blogs or any web page, think of it as an advanced Google Alerts. 

As a manager you can dictate what actions you want your team members to take with each mention be it to reply to comments, retweet or even share mentions across a variety of sites.  These actions can then be tracked and seen by all the team so you don’t have members repeating the same task.

Another interesting feature that Mention offers Sentiment Analysis, this class all the mentions as Positive, Neutral or Negative it can do it automatically or team members can do it manually, this will allow you to prioritise what your team deals with first and will hopefully allow you to change negative sentiment into positive sentiment.              


The tools above are a small list of what is available, we’d love to know what tools your teams use in the comments section below.


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