Bizarre National Trust ad causing social buzz

Twitter and social media has been awash with a "leaked" advert for the National Trust.  The National Trust has a very unique brand image in the UK and this advert is the polar opposite of that, thus creating the buzz.

The National Trust are using Social Media to deny any involvement, you can see the tweets they sent me below the video, but they are surely enjoying the buzz created by this "Expect the Unexpected" campaign video.  Whether they have involvement remains to be seen, could it be along the lines of the Captain Manchester buzz that hit Twitter & news outlets around the world last year only for it to be revealed as a clever marketing campaign for Forever Manchester.

Check the video below and let me know your thoughts below.


Tweets from National Trust denying involvement.



How would you like your logo design

A very good graphic design infographic I saw via a tweet by @cardonmade. and a very good one to show those clients who expect things low cost. I have lost count the amount of times I've been asked to do logo design, graphics and websites for free, because the final product is digital and not physical people seem not to associate value with work. 


How would you like your graphic made


Logo Design Tips


Amazing Adidas 3D Mapping Video

3D mapping is a new technology and new tool for marketers and brands to utilise but I've never seen it done as well as Adidas have done for ther All In campaign which launched last week.  The 3D mapping was launched last week at Palais du Pharo in Marseille, France and features some of Adidas' biggest sports stars, DJ's alongside BMX, Martial Artists and Street Dancers, sit back and enjoy and enjoy this 2 and a half minute masterpiece.


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