AGL Gas Services Logo Design Manchester

A new logo design for AGL Gas Services, offering service & repair of all gas central heating systems across Manchester. All types of system covered including any radiator or valve problems, the brief was to develop a unique logo that would be carried across various branded objects including stationery, invoices, business cards, workwear and online across various websites including social media.

The main logo design features the AGL initials and with the G utilising the negative space between the A & the L.

You can find out more about AGL Gas Services over on their Facebook page:

AGL Gas Services Manchester Logo DesignAGL Gas Services Manchester Logo Design

From the initial design a secondary version was created which outlined the AGL.

AGL Gas Services Manchester Logo DesignAGL Gas Services Manchester Logo Design

AGL Gas Services Manchester Logo Design Business CardsAGL Gas Services Manchester Logo Design Branded Workwear

AGL Gas Services Manchester Logo Design Branded Stationery

AGL Gas Services Manchester Logo Design Branded Stationery


Rivington House Soaps Logo Design

An new logo developed for Rivington House Soaps who are a new company producing handmade soaps. Based in Manchester Rivington Hand Soaps will be launching an entire range in 2015.


Logo Design for Manchester Small Business Rivington Soaps


Logo Design for Manchester Small Business Rivington Soaps

Logo Design for Manchester Small Business Rivington Soaps


Dribbble Meetup Manchester Logo Design Concepts

Two logo concept designs for Dribbble Manchester, a monthly meetup of graphic and UX designers in Manchester, UK. (

The brief for the logo was:

The logo must be:

  • A symbol of the Manchester Worker Bee
  • Square in proportion
  • Able to be scaled to as small as 32 x 32 pixels

The first concept is based on a map marker in a honeycomb shape that features a pencil at the point of the marker.  The three stripes within the market represent the three rivers which flow into Manchester, the Irwell, Irk & Medlock.  The ideas is based on what has become a universal symbol for a meeting point.

The second concept is a more direct reflection to the Manchester Worker Bee.  The bee once again contains some elements from the honeycomb design, the 3 rivers are represented on the body of the Bee whilst the tail merges into a pencil to reflect the creativity of the Dribbble community.


Manchester Logo Design Honeycomb Pencil





SMXChat Logo Design

My latest logo design project was for SMXChat a weekly online twitter chat which was created by Mark Salke and Ehsan Khodarahmi and is quite frankly one of the best chats on Twitter with an engaging and sharing community from across the globe, and one I'm proud to have created the logo for.

The website describes #SMXChat as "all about your business, social media, and your customers, formed by@eksays and @marksalke. Every business faces challenges as well as opportunities when it comes to social media; #SMXChat is here to bring together thought leaders to exchange knowledge and experience, share insights and learn."

One of the key ideas I aimed to get across was the sharing and exchange of knowledge, this is shown through 2 speech bubbles in the logo that represents conversation.  The sharing and interaction between all participants has been key to the success and growth of the weekly talk.  Below you can see the final logo design along with a few other colour options that were presented utilising various social media colour palettes.

Primary SMXChat logo

Primary SMXchat Logo Design

Reversed Colour Option for the logo

SMXchat Logo Design colour reverse

Logo Colour Options for SMXChat logo

These colours are based on the most popular Social Media websites.

SMXchat Logo Design colour options

SMXchat Logo Design Letterpress Application

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