Crow Logo Design

A logo design featuring a crow utilising negative space. Ideal for an agency or even a sports team. This logo is for sale, if you're interested drop me an email via the contact page or send me a message on twitter to SDysonX


Crow Logo Design for Sale

Crow Logo Design for Sale

Crow Logo Design for Sale


Marketing Podcast Logo Design

A modern logo design for a brand new marketing podcast hosted by marketing maverick Dave Thackery. The podcast will focus on a variety of subjects including Social Media, branding, customer management and general marketing and is a must listen for SME's which is Dave's passion.  Dave  aims to help smaller businesses 'traditional' digital agencies ignored. After coaching hundreds of individuals and teams how to court customers, Dave grew the business to collaborate with other experts delivering success across the world of digital marketing and communications channels.

 Marketing Podcast Logo Design

Marketing Podcast logo Design


SMXChat Logo Design

My latest logo design project was for SMXChat a weekly online twitter chat which was created by Mark Salke and Ehsan Khodarahmi and is quite frankly one of the best chats on Twitter with an engaging and sharing community from across the globe, and one I'm proud to have created the logo for.

The website describes #SMXChat as "all about your business, social media, and your customers, formed by@eksays and @marksalke. Every business faces challenges as well as opportunities when it comes to social media; #SMXChat is here to bring together thought leaders to exchange knowledge and experience, share insights and learn."

One of the key ideas I aimed to get across was the sharing and exchange of knowledge, this is shown through 2 speech bubbles in the logo that represents conversation.  The sharing and interaction between all participants has been key to the success and growth of the weekly talk.  Below you can see the final logo design along with a few other colour options that were presented utilising various social media colour palettes.

Primary SMXChat logo

Primary SMXchat Logo Design

Reversed Colour Option for the logo

SMXchat Logo Design colour reverse

Logo Colour Options for SMXChat logo

These colours are based on the most popular Social Media websites.

SMXchat Logo Design colour options

SMXchat Logo Design Letterpress Application


Rocket Creative Agency Logo Design

A logo design for a creative agency or SME company that is looking to rebrand.  

The logo concept features a pencil in the rockets flames to signify the creative side. Many times the pencil can be the launchpad of great ideas when brands and agencies are brainstorming for clients.

This logo is available for purchase, if you want more information then get in touch.

Rocket Creative Logo Design

Letterpress effect on Rocket Creative logo design for a creative brand

Business Card for  Rocket Creative logo design for a creative brand

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