Scientific Brand Logo

A logo that is ideal for a scientific or research firm. The logo is available for purchase and will be supplied in a vector format.


Scientific Logo Design for Purchase - Branding usage

Analytics Branding Business Card Design


Education Resources Logo for Sale

A logo proposal for an online seller of education resources offering everything from textbooks and learning resources to personal tutors for higher education in the UK. The mark combines the iconic square academic cap with a text book at its base.

This logo is available to buy, use the contact form or send an email to "hello at"  for more information.

Logo for teachers and textbook for sale

Education Resources logo for sale


Dribbble Meetup Manchester Logo Design Concepts

Two logo concept designs for Dribbble Manchester, a monthly meetup of graphic and UX designers in Manchester, UK. (

The brief for the logo was:

The logo must be:

  • A symbol of the Manchester Worker Bee
  • Square in proportion
  • Able to be scaled to as small as 32 x 32 pixels

The first concept is based on a map marker in a honeycomb shape that features a pencil at the point of the marker.  The three stripes within the market represent the three rivers which flow into Manchester, the Irwell, Irk & Medlock.  The ideas is based on what has become a universal symbol for a meeting point.

The second concept is a more direct reflection to the Manchester Worker Bee.  The bee once again contains some elements from the honeycomb design, the 3 rivers are represented on the body of the Bee whilst the tail merges into a pencil to reflect the creativity of the Dribbble community.


Manchester Logo Design Honeycomb Pencil





Ironing Bee Stockport Logo Design

Logo design for a drop and collect ironing service in Stockport, Manchester.  

The weekly ironing chore is hated by people across the country so Ironing Bee Stockport offers a drop & collect ironing service.

From weekly laundry loads to bedding and at competitive prices the new start-up is there to help the customer out.

Visit their page over at:

Stockport Ironing Service Logo Design

Logo design for an ironing service based in Stockport

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