Dribbble Meetup Manchester Logo Design Concepts

Two logo concept designs for Dribbble Manchester, a monthly meetup of graphic and UX designers in Manchester, UK. (http://pixelcodeuk.github.io/dribbblemcr/)

The brief for the logo was:

The logo must be:

  • A symbol of the Manchester Worker Bee
  • Square in proportion
  • Able to be scaled to as small as 32 x 32 pixels

The first concept is based on a map marker in a honeycomb shape that features a pencil at the point of the marker.  The three stripes within the market represent the three rivers which flow into Manchester, the Irwell, Irk & Medlock.  The ideas is based on what has become a universal symbol for a meeting point.

The second concept is a more direct reflection to the Manchester Worker Bee.  The bee once again contains some elements from the honeycomb design, the 3 rivers are represented on the body of the Bee whilst the tail merges into a pencil to reflect the creativity of the Dribbble community.


Manchester Logo Design Honeycomb Pencil




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