DBA Fire and PAT Website

The redesigned website gives the visitor much more information as well as a cleaner more modern look, an overview of the various services DBA Fire and PAT offer is available on the homepage and in much more detail in the relevant sections.  The biggest new feature of the site is the book and appointment side panel. Allowing visitors the chance to book and appointment via the website.

You can check the new look website out over at www.dbafireandpat.com

The website also takes advantage of the latest Joomla Content Management System which allows great flexibilty and content management and also allows DBA staff with little CMS experience the chance to add, edit and delete content easily. Components of the website were created using Adobe Photoshop, CSS/HTML, PHP, SQL & Adobe Dreamweaver.

DBA Fire and PAT redesigned website

DBA Fire and PAT website Screenshot

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