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The Foulds Fine Furniture logo design is one that got away, after a lot of work the client decided to pull out.  You can read about that and the entire logo design process over on the blog section of my site: Logo Design Process

The Brief:

Foulds Fine Furniture are currently trading under another name but wish to diversify their current business and move into high class, luxury wooden furniture for both indoor and outdoor.  The company want to incorporate the 3 F's from Foulds Fine Furniture into the new logo, and utilising a black and silver colour palette.


After a long process I decided the 3 F's were not going to work, a lot of the luxury brands have a unique symbol or icon that can either stand alone or sit alongside a word mark, so after speaking to the client and giving him a brief of my idea he went back to his client who gave the OK for the new direction, based on the Foulds Family Crest.


The Final Logo & The Email

Once I'd finalised the fleur-de-lis, inspired by the family crest, I had a bit of an experiment with colour, even though the brief outline using black and silver to fit in with the website design I was curious to see how it would look with a different colour palette.  Once again I went back to the family crest for inspiration, using the yellow/gold and the red, however as you can see below the colours outlined in the original brief worked much better when applied to the black and white backgrounds.

Colour Variations of the final fleur


The Final Design:

So below is the final design that was due to be emailed over to the client for approval, and this was where I was up to when the client cancelled the job. 

Foulds Fine Furniture Final Logo Design








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